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Prophetic Life Hacks

Prophetic Life Hacks

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A ‘life hack’ is usually a simple and clever tip or technique for accomplishing a familiar task with more ease and efficiency. The term ‘life hack’ was first used by people in the tech industry to describe the ‘embarrassing’ scripts and shortcuts productive IT professionals used to get their work done. ‘Life hacks,’ as they are known, are all about eliminating life’s manifold frustrations in simple and clever ways…

After reading this and learning about the term life hack, I thought to myself that as Muslims we are blessed to have our beloved Messenger and Master, Muhammad, (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) as our teacher and role model, who came as a source of guidance in every aspect of our lives—not only in matters pertaining to the hereafter. Even though he did not make this life the objective of existence and taught us to focus on the eternal abode, he still instructed us on how to lighten the difficulties of this worldly life. And how could this not be, when he was sent by the Creator of life Himself? The One Who created this universe and everything in it would know best how to live efficiently and navigate through life.

Sometimes we face tremendous difficulties and hardships in steering through this jungle of life, and every so often a simple life hack— or beneficial piece of advice—may change our entire outlook on something and make that difficult task become much easier. These 30 teachings compiled from authentic sources are 30 Prophetic life hacks to help us navigate through and find ease in the hardships of life. It is hoped that these teachings will above all else connect us to Allah Ta’ala and our beloved Messenger ﷺ and allow us to appreciate the blessing of Islam that He has bestowed upon us. We ask Allah Ta’ala that He enable us to implement these beautiful prophetic teachings in our lives. Amin.

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