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Prophet Principles for Life

Prophet Principles for Life

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This compilation of hadith is a collection of prophetic principles for life. By reflecting upon and implementing these prophetic wisdoms,

we will acquire an understanding of the verse cited above wherein Allah promises a pure and peaceful life in this world. Since our lives consist of different areas and aspects, we will divide the book into four parts:

1- That which relates to the self. Because he who does not know the self will be more ignorant of all else around them.

2- That which relates to Allah’s creation. Because there is no way to avoid interaction with those with whom we share this world.

3- That which relates to life and the world around us. Because how we view this world, will affect how we live in it.

4- That which relates to Allah Ta’ala. Because our lives are from Him and our ultimate destination is to Him.

The way to maximize our benefit from this book is by reading each hadith, understanding the underlying principle behind it, and striving to implement it in our daily lives and in our manner of thinking.

May Allah Ta’ala allow us to live in concordance with what pleases Him and bestow us lives of meaning and servitude. Amin.

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